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2011.11.11 - 18 オープニングレセプション: 2011.11.11

公式ホームページ: http://raster.art.pl/villatokyo/



15:00-21:00 ヴィラ・トーキョー オープニングレセプション
17:00 パフォーマンス/プリンツ・ゴラム (Building #1)
18:00 パフォーマンス/オスカー・ダヴィツキ (Building #1)
19:00 パフォーマンス/加賀美健 (Building M)
20:00 コンサート/パリステトリス (Building M)

15:00 スクリーニング/New Tokyo Contemporaries
16:15 トーク/クリストファー・ウェーバー
17:00 スクリーニング/ジョン・スミス
18:00 スクリーニング/ズビグニエフ・リベラ
19:00 トーク/Witryna-アニエスカ・スラル、ウーカシュ・ゴークジカ
18:00 展覧会レセプション/前田征紀 「ECHOES」 (タカ・イシイギャラリー)
20:00 コンサート/マルチン・マセツキ (小山登美夫ギャラリー)

17:30 トーク/ガブリエル・リッター
18:30 パフォーマンス/ヴォイチェフ・バコウスキ
19:00 コンサート


Villa Tokyo

2011.11.11 - 18  Reception: 2011.11.11

Produced by raster (Poland) 
Place: Kyobashi 2 Chome Area
Sponsors: Nikken Sekkei, Embassy of the Republic of Poland, Ministry of Culture and National Heritage Poland
URL: http://raster.art.pl/villatokyo/

VILLA TOKYO is an international joint project between ten leading European art galleries which share common ideas on discovering and promoting the most intriguing artistic attitudes. The artistic program consists of exhibitions prepared by participating galleries and many additional events: concerts, performances, film screenings, formal and informal talks. The prime motive of the project is to gather artists and exhibitors in a way to actively and collectively contemplate different methods of presenting contemporary art. It is an attempt to create a friendly alternative from the primarily commercial atmosphere of art fairs, established as the natural habitat for galleries' meetings. The project is driven by the desire to reveal the less obvious aspects of gallery work.

VILLA TOKYO is a site-specific project derived from the previously organised VILLA WARSAW (2006) and VILLA REYKJAVIK (2010).

Wherever it transpires it curiously immerses itself in its context. In line with VILLA's tradition, rather than showing off what it knows and possesses, it predominately wants to learn and initiate stimulating dialogue in various forms. An essential element of the project is a study of the scene where it happens and engagement with local partners and artists. New Tokyo Contemporaries, an energetic association of seven contemporary art galleries, is an essential partner of VILLA TOKYO.

Event Program

11.11 (Fri)
15:00-21:00 Villa Tokyo Opening Reception
17:00 Performance by Prinz Gholam (Building #1)
18:00 Performance by Oskar Dawicki (Building #1)
19:00 Performance by Ken Kagami (Building M)
20:00 Concert by Paris Tetris (Building M)

11.12 (Sat)
15:00 Screening by New Tokyo Contemporaries
16:15 Talk by Christopher Weber
17:00 Screening by John Smith
17:45 Screening by Zbigniew Libera
18:30 Talk by Agnieszka Sural, Lukasz Gorczyca
18:00 Reception for Yukinori Maeda "ECHOES" (Taka Ishii Gallery)
20:00 Concert by Marcin Masecki (Tomio Koyama Gallery)
(Reception for Yukinori Maeda and Concert by Marcin Masecki are at Taka Ishii Gallery and Tomio Koyama Gallery in Kiyosumi Art Complex Building)

11.18 (Fri)
17:30 Talk by Gabriel Ritter
18:30 Performance by Wojciech Bakowski
19:00 Concert



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